02/13/2013 10:28 am ET Finds San Francisco Men Are Desperate When It Comes To Dating

Just because you can't put a price on love doesn't mean San Francisco men won't try.

A new survey shows single men in SF are among the most desperate daters in the country., an online dating auction website, conducted a study measuring the average amount of money suitors would shell out on a date. Bay Area males would throw down 62 percent more dough than bachelors in other cities.

In the three weeks studied, San Francisco men were willing to pay $131.70 for a date, SF Weekly reports. The average spending total across the country is $80. San Francisco men were also responsible for 5,318 first date offers in the examined time frame.

But rather than spending more than $100 on a first date, we propose investing that cash in yourself.

Fear not, San Francisco suitors, we've compiled a list of the best places to get first-date ready. A quick makeover, either physical or psychological, could be just the thing needed to go from desperate dater to a confident commodity.

Check out our picks below:

Seven SF Makeover Ideas For Desperate Men