02/13/2013 03:51 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

14 Photos: Our First Valentine's Day As A Married Couple

Every February 14, Valentine's Day serves as an opportunity for loving couples across the country to take the time to reflect on their relationships and show how deeply they care for each other. But for many same-sex couples in the United States, Valentine's Day has been a reminder of the fact that despite their love and commitment for each other, they do not have the freedom to marry.

This year, thousands of couples won the freedom to marry when marriage passed at the ballot in Maine, Maryland, and Washington - and the community continues to celebrate victories across New England, in the District of Columbia, Iowa, and New York. As the country continues to move forward on marriage, we take the time this week to celebrate the thousands of same-sex couples celebrating their first Valentine's Day as a married couple - and look forward to the day when all couples who want to marry can be married Valentines.

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