02/13/2013 09:07 am ET

Baked Alaska Recipe With Grapefruit (PHOTO)

Artic Garden Studio

When it comes to desserts, Baked Alaskas are definitely the showiest. With the option of being setting entirely on fire, they're downright impressive -- and they make a great alternative to traditional birthday cakes. Because of the whole flambée thing, Baked Alaskas are not an everyday day kind of dessert; they're barely even a once a year kind of dessert.

But Baked Alaskas don't always have to be show-stopping. You can make a cute Baked Alaska -- one you might want to eat everyday -- if you make it in a grapefruit. We know what you're thinking: this is possibly one of the greatest ideas you've ever heard. We agree, and we have food blogger Arctic Garden Studio to thank for it.

When you make a Baked Alaska in a grapefruit, you not only get to eat dessert for breakfast but you're also adding a little bit of sweetness to a naturally tart fruit. It's genius, really.

Get the Baked Alaska Grapefruit recipe at Arctic Garden Studio.

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