02/13/2013 12:54 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Colbert Takes On Karl Rove's Anti-Tea Party 'Conservative Victory Fund' (VIDEO)

What could possibly make Stephen Colbert break his faith with "unlanced boil" Karl Rove? Well, Mr. Rove turning his back on the Tea Party movement for starters.

Republicans have been trying to put a finger on why they lost so miserably in 2012, and, as it it turns out, it wasn't because of their message. A web survey conducted by the GOP showed that if candidates simply smiled more they'd win more votes.

Well, that's an easy fix. Unfortunately, Karl Rove didn't get the memo.

As far as Colbert is concerned, Rove's "Conservative Victory Fund", which is aimed at defeating the most conservative candidates in the GOP, is nothing but a backstabbing gesture that will take the Republican party in the wrong direction.

They don't need less conservatism, they need more... but with a smile.

Watch part one on the RNC's autopsy above, and then Colbert's painful break with Karl Rove below.



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