02/13/2013 12:49 pm ET

Conflict-Management Advice From DeVon Franklin (VIDEO)

Preacher and Hollywood producer DeVon Franklin says we can all look at life as if it's a movie, with God as our director. All great stories, he says, also include conflict. In this clip from "Super Soul Sunday," Franklin shares conflict-management advice that can help you stay in control in the face of adversity.

"'The truth is, you and I are in control of only two things: how we prepare for what might happen, and how we respond to what just happened,'" Oprah quotes, reading aloud from Franklin's book, Produced by Faith.

"It's true," says Franklin. "The moments when things happen in our life, we don't control. In a moment, life can change for the better, or what, in the moment, may seem for the worse. So our job is to prepare, to read.... So many times, what keeps us in that valley of depression, that keeps us in the valley of frustration, is our response to a moment. And not recognizing that it is exactly that: It's a moment.... It's one scene of your movie. What makes a great movie are the things that are put together, of great conflict."

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