02/13/2013 05:45 am ET Updated Feb 13, 2013

'Justified': Boyd Makes An Unexpected Marriage Proposal (VIDEO)

Boyd Crowder may be one very dark and twisted dude on "Justified," but he's got a romantic side. In this week's episode, he asked Ava to marry him, a moment that was years in the making.

When Ava gave Boyd an ultimatum that he needed to tell her where it was all going, he took her for a ride. She was struggling with Boyd having one of her girls killed -- though neither knows that she hasn't died -- and needed to know why she was with him. Did have have a larger plan? And if she was going to stay with him, she needed to know what it was.

So he took her out to a private place that had meant a lot to him as a child. There, he showed her a box full of cash. The plan was to save up enough to buy a house anywhere -- preferably far away from Harlan County -- and raise their kids in a community where the name Crowder doesn't have such an unpleasant legacy.

Beneath the cash was an engagement ring. Admitting it was unorthodox, Boyd proposed on the spot. At least he got down on one knee. Believing in that bright future he'd described, Ava said yes.

Will they ever get there? Find out as "Justified" continues on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST on FX.

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