02/13/2013 04:53 pm ET

Marco Rubio 'Watergate': Does This Dry Mouth Supercut Link Senator To The Reptile People? (VIDEO)

Remember when Marco Rubio had severe dry mouth delivering the GOP response to the State of the Union address? Well, they're calling it "Watergate" and now we have a video stringing all his dry-mouth moments together. There was also a remix.

Honestly, "Marco Rubio's Dry Mouth" is possibly the weirdest viral supercut to hit politics since "Sarah Palin's Breath."

They're both so creepy yet sublimely entertaining. Don't you just wish someone would just put them side by s -- oh whaaaat, The Internet delivers!!!

YouTube user "getjustin" compared the noise that Rubio's mouth makes to "slowly stirring mac and cheese," while "Blake J" described it as "clearly reptilian." The latter comment calls to mind another political super cut, in which John McCain licked his lips 70 times while debating Barack Obama in 2008.

Commenters on that video thought McCain came off pretty reptilian... mere coincidence, or is the Republican Party secretly controlled by shape-shifting reptilian humanoids? Rubio does seem to be pretty dismissive of global warming, but whether that's because he's cold blooded or just copping a plain ol' GOP science-hatin' attitude remains to be seen.

But wait, didn't that one guy think the same thing about Hilary Clinton? Conspiracy...



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