02/13/2013 05:53 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Oprah And Beyonce Together: Squeal! (PHOTOS)

So ... Oprah hung out with Beyonce last night. No, we're not jealous.

It's no secret that HuffPost Media is an official fan of Oprah's (despite the hard times we can give her), as well as a crazed devotee (or "stan," as the cool kids say) of Beyonce's. So the fact that Oprah interviewed Beyonce at the premiere of her new documentary on Tuesday — well, let's just say we reacted with enthusiasm.

We would have given a lot to be there! Or to have been at the afterparty, like a certain person with their name in the title of this section was! (We've been holding back all day from storming into the office with questions.)

Even more thrilling? Oprah's filmed a whole show with Beyonce! We cannot wait. Here is one picture of their encounter:
oprah beyonce

Incroyable, as the French say! Below, see many pictures of Oprah and Beyonce (!)

Oprah And Beyonce