02/13/2013 06:15 pm ET

Sichuan Takin Babies Born At Lincoln Park Zoo (PHOTOS)

Just in time for Valentine's Day, the Lincoln Park Zoo has welcomed an adorable pair of Sichuan takin babies -- and they're reaching out to the public to help them name the cloven-hoofed babies.

The two boys were born just one week apart from each other and share a father, six-year-old Quanli. Quanli, though, has been a busy fellow and the two takin were born to two different mothers: Mei Li, 5, and Jinse, 8.

Take a look at the cuties below and then cast your vote for one of six names, all of which reference the Chinese origin of the takin: Yen Li ("calming strength"), Chen Li ("morning strength"), Mengyao ("superior handsomeness"), Ming Hoa ("shining elite"), Temur Khan ("blessed iron ruler") or Xing Fu ("happy good fortune"). Voting will continue through Feb. 19, after which the winning names will be announced.

The Sichuan takin is listed as a vulnerable species due to hunting and habitat loss, according to the zoo. The last takin baby born at Lincoln Park Zoo was Mei Li in 2007.

Lincoln Park Zoo's Sichuan Takin Babies