02/13/2013 09:50 pm ET

State Of The City Tweets: Detroit Sounds Off About Mayor Dave Bing During 2013 Speech

When Detroit Mayor Dave Bing delivered his State of the City address Wednesday night, his self-congratulatory lines were greeted with tepid applause. His jokes, including one off-script asie directed at Oakland County Executive L Brooks Patterson, even drew out some light laughter from the crowd.

But the response was a lot less congenial -- and way funnier -- on Twitter.

Those following along with the speech, whether watching at home or in person at the Detroit School of Arts (we salute you, dexterous smart phone Tweeters) shared commentary and quips, as well as heartfelt frustration with the real state of the city.

If you missed Bing's address, you can read the draft released by the mayor's press office ahead of the speech. For the more entertaining take, however, look below for the best Tweets from the 2013 Detroit State of the City.

Best Tweets From Detroit Mayor Dave Bing's State Of The City Speech