02/14/2013 01:48 pm ET

Aziz Ansari Talks Extensively About Love With The AV Club

Comedy fans have been tracking Aziz Ansari for a long time, and across a wide variety of comedy platforms. He earned national attention on TV with sketch troupe Human Giant. He broke into films with Observe And Report, Funny People, and 30 Minutes Or Less, among others. He’s involved in online-comedy videos, prominently appearing on Funny Or Die. He’s back to starring on TV with a regular role as Tom Haverford on Parks And Recreation. And he does frequent stand-up tours, resulting in a series of albums and specials. The latest special, Dangerously Delicious, is available for $5 via his website, following the Louis C.K. direct-release model. People who’ve watched it, or who’ve followed Ansari’s comedy, podcast appearances, and talk-show guest spots lately, or have seen him on his new Buried Alive tour, have noticed he’s been doing a lot of material about dating and relationships, from prodding Conan O’Brien about how he proposed to his wife to releasing Dangerously Delicious clips focused on modern communication and crushes. So The A.V. Club thought Ansari would be a perfect person to talk to about love, in honor of Valentine’s Day. To our surprise, though, he shrugged off lighthearted questions about Tom Haverford’s relationships and wanted to get straight into what’s behind his recent comedy: the research that suggests love doesn’t last and people can’t connect.

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