02/14/2013 05:41 pm ET

Dating Coach Says When It Comes To Latinos Dating, It's OK To Slow Down

For the clients of dating coach DeAnna Lorraine, Valentine’s Day can feel like either Christmas morning or toilet cleaning day.

For the last seven years, the Spanish expert has been trying to help people find their life partners, coaching them through breakups and helping them figure out if they’re with Mr/Ms Right or Mr/Ms Right Now.

The U.S. has witnessed a huge population growth of Latinos in the last decade —over 35 million now call the country their home. So it only makes sense that the chance of an eligible Latino to date or marry has both increased and decreased —more people are in need of partners. Lorraine says she sees some very distinct cultural trends with her Latino clients, and it’s her job to steer them away from possible pitfalls.

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