02/14/2013 03:57 pm ET Updated Feb 14, 2013

Divorce Cost: Father Of Four Opens Up About 'Incredibly Burdensome' Split (VIDEO)

After a decade of marriage, Dennis Kelsch's wife filed for divorce, leaving him with the "incredibly burdensome" task of providing for two households and paying child support for his four children.

On Wednesday, he opened up to HuffPost Live about his post-split financial hardships, including losing half of his earnings, his 401K and his IRA. But those weren't the only difficulties he faced.

"Add that to the emotions side...and having not only money, but family and friends, split 50/50," Kelsch said. "So you have 50 percent of the people in your life who now dislike you and you have less of your money. It just feels like this huge chunk of your emotional and financial life is just swept right from underneath your feet."

Watch the video above for more on his story. Then, click through the slides below for eight expensive high-profile divorces.

8 Expensive High-Profile Divorces

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