02/15/2013 12:17 am ET

Neighbors Build Sled To Get Pregnant Connecticut Woman To Hospital During Blizzard (VIDEO)

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Quick thinking by a group of neighbors helped get a pregnant woman to the hospital -- on a makeshift sled.

On Sunday morning, shortly after blizzard 'Nemo' had dropped 3 ft. of snow on the town of Naugatuck, Conn., mother-of-four Lauri Wood went into labor with her fifth child. According to NBC, the Woods' car was buried under snow and the neighborhood's roads were completely unpassable.

But a friend of Wood's daughter had a solution. According to Darien Patch, Kyle Wade ripped the top from a cargo carrier –- typically seen on car hoods -– and made a sled to pull her down the road.

"I was hysterical in the bathroom," Wood told NBC Connecticut in the video above. "I was crying. I was thinking, I am not getting in that. This is insane. This is ridiculous."

Eventually, husband James Wood convinced her to get on it. He and four other neighbors pulled her down the road.

At one point, residents helped clear snow from their path, Patch reported.

A waiting truck took them to Waterbury Hospital, and about an hour later, Wood gave birth to a son, Jimmy.

"It was nerve-wracking," she said Tuesday from her room.

"Pulling a pregnant woman... it's not as easy as it seems," James says in the video.



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