02/14/2013 04:29 pm ET

9 Things In Our Homes That Symbolize Love (PHOTOS)

Yes, we believe our KitchenAid loves us back.

Not surprisingly, we've been thinking a lot about love lately... but this emotion isn't always about romance. Although it's nice to hear our loved ones utter those three little words from time to time, the meaning of love can also be expressed by priceless objects around our homes that hold special meaning into our hearts.

If you take a minute to look around your own house, we're sure you'll see things that make you feel warm, happy and loved. Whether it's a photograph of a family outing, a DVD you watched with your significant other on your first date or even a figurine from your grandparents' house that reminds you of your childhood, love is all around you -- regardless of your relationship status.

We asked editors at The Huffington Post to share the things in their homes that convey love. Click through and join in the fun by submitting photos of your favorite possessions. And from everyone here at HuffPost Home, Happy Valentine's Day.

Meaning Of Love

If you want even more Valentine's Day ideas, we've compiled out our favorite Valentine's inspiration on Pinterest.

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