02/14/2013 01:44 pm ET

Nick Gage Chicago Anthem: Musician's New Song Details What's Unique To The Windy City

Curious City, the news experiment housed by Chicago Public Media's WBEZ fields questions that range from wacky to need-to-know and their latest query received a doozy of a response:

An entire song.

The premise of the experiment: residents ask questions about the city, and the best ones are voted on by the public. Curious City producers answer the winning questions and then broadcast the findings. Most recently, Chicagoan Brenda Guzman asked, "What's one thing you can get in Chicago you can't get anywhere else?"

Producers laid down some ground rules, but took to the task, but admitted that with some 150 suggestions, "there’s little sex factor in a spreadsheet." To add some oomph, producers recruited artist Nick Gage to set the answers to music, resulting in a Casio keyboard-fueled ditty that Curious City says could be the new anthem of Chicago.

Some choice lines on what distinguishes the Second City:

"Only in Chicago / Does a big ol’ bean cause such a scene! / Only in Chicago / Do they dye the river green!"

It's not all softball topics, either:

"Only in Chicago / Does corruption rival Soviet satellite states! / Only in Chicago / If you want a jibarito on your plate!"

The whole story is well worth the read (and listen), so head over to Curious City for the full report.



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