02/14/2013 11:23 am ET

Valentine's Day Love Poem: Detroit Writers Give Advice On How To Write A Great One

There are many ways to show affection on Valentine's Day. Sure, you could make your darling smile by bringing flowers. You could even shower you sweetie with gifts of perfume or chocolate. But nothing, nothing professes profound romantic love more deeply than a poem. It's a true expression of one's inner feelings that when done right can intensify the bonds of love and send hearts a-fluttering. When done wrong, however, a love poem can be embarrassing -- even laughable.

Here at The Huffington Post we want to do all we can to encourage the development of the kind of verse that is treasured in a lockbox, rather than crumpled in a trash can.

So we reached out to several Detroit-area poets and musicians to get their insights on crafting a meaningful love poem. Check out the slideshow below to see what Kresge fellow Kim Hunter, performance poet jessica Care moore and rocker and writer Josh Malerman (of the High Strung) had to say on the subject. Be sure to take good notes -- after all, love is on the line.

Detroit Writers Give Advice On Writing From The Heart