02/14/2013 12:25 am ET Updated Feb 11, 2014

What Not To Stress About This Valentine's Day

Love it or hate it, Valentine's Day likely makes you feel something. If that something is butterflies in your stomach, the kind that can actually protect you from stress and its harmful effects, well done you! If it's anxiety -- about picking out the perfect gift, composing a sentimental love note or spending the evening solo -- here's your official permission to chill about the above and the following:

1. If everyone at the office gets flowers but you. Sometimes the best gift is private.

2. If the present you got for your Valentine isn't as expensive as the present they got you. This is one holiday where the thought really is what counts.

3. Going to dinner. If you want to order in, wear sweatpants and charm your Valentine makeup-free, you're allowed.

4. Having your best friend as your Valentine.

5. Celebrating on Valentine's Day. It is a busy Thursday like any other, after all. The weekend will do just fine.

6. Valentine's plans that include your kids.

7. Wearing red. If it's not your color, forget it.

8. Watching Thursday night TV. Dwight Schrute and Leslie Knope are our ideas of the perfect Valentines, anyway.

9. Making a homemade card. You don't have to be crafty to pick out something just as sweet at the store.

10. Spending the day solo. Nothing wrong with appreciating yourself today!

11. Looking your hottest. Your Valentine loves you for you!

12. Coming up with the perfect love note for your sweetie. A simple "I love you" says it all, doesn't it?

13. Buying a present, period. Valentine's Day is about celebrating love -- there doesn't have to be a physical object to prove it!

14. If the only Valentine's chocolates you buy are for yourself. You lucky, lucky soul. (And while we're at it, don't stress if you eat a little more than your healthy dose of that chocolate. It's just one day!)

What are you NOT worrying about this Valentine's Day?



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