02/14/2013 07:43 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Will Ferrell For Eric Garcetti: 'There Will Be Free Waffles Every Tuesday' (VIDEO)

They don't call him the Hollywood councilman for nothing.

Comedian Will Ferrell wants everyone to know he supports Eric Garcetti to be the next mayor of Los Angeles. In a YouTube video published Wednesday, Ferrell struck a personal tone in his endorsement for Garcetti, saying, "I want a city that is vibrant and healthy for my three sons and my four illegitimate children to grow up in."

Ferrell continues to make a lot more bogus claims, mostly about his bromance with Garcetti. For example, their nicknames for each other are "E-Squared" and "Sweet Buns" (guess which one is which) and the fact that they traded digits the first time they met -- as babies born in the same hospital.

But by far, our favorite tall tale is Ferrell's promise to all Angelenos: "If you vote for him, there will be free waffles every Tuesday morning for the whole city of Los Angeles!"

The Garcetti campaign first debuted Ferrell's endorsement video Feb. 7 at a fundraising event at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood. The party, emceed by Jimmy Kimmel, featured Moby and his band on stage and special performances from the candidate himself, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The campaign fundraiser raked in $250,000 in total, and THR remarked, "[Garcetti] might have staged the largest single fundraiser in the history of local politics."

Ferrell isn't the first celebrity to stump for Garcetti. Last January, actress Salma Hayek gave her thumbs-up to the Hollywood councilman in this video for the campaign.




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Eric Garcetti, LA Mayoral Candidate