02/15/2013 03:35 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Burglars Break Into Students' Home, Then Throw A Party That Trashes The Place (PHOTOS)

Let's just say that it would've been a crime to throw this rager, in this case.

We love throwing a good party as much as anyone else, but what if you weren't invited to a blowout...in your own house? Reddit user XyiSti unfortunately experienced this firsthand, and uploaded several images of the home that they rent with four other students to prove it.

Apparently, while they were out of town, the home was burglarized and completely trashed by people they have yet to identify, and they have heard from other local college-goers that their place was the site of a huge rager. Since the home is located in a student housing area, no one thought to report the incident. XyiSti wrote:

"It's a student housing area, almost every house in the zone are student homes so a lot of noise and parties go on here with no complaints... I heard from a neighbor that I missed out and that it was an awesome party"

The photos reveal that the unwelcomed visitors graffitied the walls, tore down drywall and destroyed furniture. Other Reddit commenters tried to help out by searching the pictures for clues to identify the bandits, as well as gave advice so this doesn't happen again, like not telling your 500+ "best friends" on Facebook that your home will be vacant for the weekend. Yikes!

It's too bad that there was no video surveillance footage of the crime. Just last month, another Reddit user, Making Things, uploaded a chilling video she captured of criminals burglarizing her Raleigh, North Carolina house. Unfortunately, those crooks were not caught either.

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