02/15/2013 02:21 pm ET Updated Feb 15, 2013

Dream Interpretation: Lauren Lawrence Weighs In On The Meaning Of Dreams About Exes (VIDEO)

Just when you think you're over an ex, he or she suddenly makes an appearance in your dreams. But does that mean you're still hung up on the relationship?

According to Lauren Lawrence, the dreams columnist at the New York Daily News, the answer isn't necessarily yes.

"Basically it doesn't have to be the ex," she told HuffPost Live on Thursday. "It could be some qualities in him that the person liked and maybe they're not satisfied with with their current partner or boyfriend. Then they will dream of someone they used to have because there are certain things that are missing in this relationship."

Watch the video above for more on Lawrence's take on dreams about an old flame. Then, click through the slideshow below to find out the significance of 10 other common dreams, according to experts. (Please note that dream analysis is a highly subjective.)

10 Dream Meanings

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