02/15/2013 05:41 pm ET

Jessica Alba In 'Escape From Planet Earth': "I Am Not That Crazy"

There's only so much you can have in common with an alien villain, and Jessica Alba just wants to make sure fans know she's not quite as unhinged as her lovesick character Lena in "Escape From Planet Earth."

Far from feeling related to the character she plays in the animated adventure, the actress assures they are poles apart, especially since she feels particularly lucky in the love department.

"Nothing! That was the funnest part about playing her... I think we all want to be loved, even villains, and this alien has obviously never been lucky with men so she felt the need to find one on another planet," Alba, who is married to producer Cash Warren, told HuffPost Voces. "[She] was even willing to sacrifice her own planet, which to me is another reason to think she's crazy. And I don't feel I am that crazy! "

The actress also said raising her daughters Honor and Heaven was the best way to prepare for the role and the reason she decided to take the opportunity, since the project didn't require her to be away from home for long.

"I think my only preparation [for playing the character] was reading stories to my daughters. When I do it I can use many accents for each character, use deep voices, scream," said the actress. "The location of the production also played a part, it was something I had never considered before being a mom, and now that I am, if I see that a film is being shot for eight months in a very remote place, then I think twice."

And like many other Latino parents in the United States, the Mexican-American, who has said she is very proud of her heritage and even prayed for her girls to be born with tan skin, makes an effort to pass on her Hispanic traditions.

"I do not know ... The things and experiences that I grew up with are the same that I teach them. I do not know if they are specifically considered Latino or not, but for example, when I am with other Latino families I notice it," said the actress to HuffPost Voces." I don’t really know how to answer this question. If it is considered Latino to feed my family Mexican-American food, yes. If we sing Christmas carols in Spanish, yes. But I do not know what else to say."

Alba is not the only Latin star in the new computer animated film. The cast also includes comedian George Lopez and Sofia Vergara, as well as actors Sarah Jessica Parker, Brendan Fraser and Jane Lynch.



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