02/15/2013 08:49 am ET

Joe Scarborough On GOP Blocking Chuck Hagel Confirmation: 'Is That How Small We've Become?' (VIDEO)

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Joe Scarborough was outraged over Republican attempts to block Chuck Hagel's nomination for defense secretary on Friday, speaking out against John McCain and the Republican party.

Hagel's confirmation hearing has been contentious and on Thursday, Republicans denied him the sixty votes required for the nomination to proceed. John McCain explained that the "ill will" towards Hagel, a Republican, stemmed from his attacks on George W. Bush and his own party over the Iraq War.

Scarborough was not satisfied with McCain's explanation on Friday. "For the 66,000 troops currently serving in Afghanistan and for the families all across America this morning, I'm sure they're glad to know that we don't have a secretary of defense in place and we're not going to because of a seven-year-old political grudge," he said.

"Really?" Scarborough continued. "Is that how small we've become?"

Contributor Richard Haas pointed out that Hagel is in fact "resented" by numerous Republicans, which — in addition to "typical Washington dysfunctionality" — is slowing down the process. Scarborough argued that the Pentagon needs a defense secretary, and Hagel is likely to get the confirmation anyway. Haas said the opposition was simply a way for Republicans to get their "pound of flesh."

Scarborough noted that Haas seemed very "calm" about the situation. "Does this not trouble you at all?" he asked. Haas said that it did, but also that "it's just the way Washington works."

Watch the exchange at the 4:45 mark in the clip above.



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