02/15/2013 02:11 pm ET

Lessons For Girls: Readers Share The Most Important Things They Want To Teach Their Daughters

cute little girl smiling in a park close-up
cute little girl smiling in a park close-up

This week, blogger Kim Bongiorno's piece about teaching her daughter to be comfortable in her own skin -- however that skin will change as she grows up -- went viral.

It got us thinking about the things we try to teach the little girls in our own lives: lessons about taking ownership of their perspective, valuing people over possessions and understanding that they can be appreciated for their brains as well as beauty.

These examples are only the beginning, of course. We asked our readers on Twitter to share the most important things they want to teach their daughters, and we're collecting many wonderful responses in the gallery below. Jump in by tweeting to us @HuffPostParents, or leave your thoughts in the comments here!