02/15/2013 12:13 pm ET

Lisa Murkowski Hacked By 'Guccifer,' Suspect Who Also Targeted Bush Family: Report

A week after news broke that a hacker breached the email account of former President George W. Bush's sister, The Smoking Gun reports that the same suspect had a larger list of high-profile targets, including Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska).

According to The Smoking Gun, the suspect, who goes by the alias "Guccifer," gained access to Murkowski's Yahoo! email account sometime last year. Once logged in as the senator, Guccifer was also able to sign in to Murkowski's Flickr account. The Smoking Gun has obtained screen grabs that allegedly show the hacker logged in to Murkowski's various accounts.

As in previous instances of Guccifer's hacking, Murkowski was reportedly unaware that her security had been compromised. A spokesman for the senator told The Smoking Gun that the accounts didn't get much use.

While Guccifer's successful hack of the Bush family turned up a number of personal documents -- perhaps most notably a pair of self-portraits painted by former President George W. Bush that perplexed the art community -- there have so far been no subsequent reports of sensitive information that may have been uncovered in the latest hack.

Murkowski is not the only congressional lawmaker to have suffered a security breach. Last year her Senate colleague Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) had his Twitter account hijacked by a member of the Anonymous "hacktivist" group. The move was ultimately harmless, and Grassley eventually regained control of his highly popular and often incomprehensible Twitter presence.

Other reported targets of Guccifer's hacking could have bigger problems on their hands, however. According to The Smoking Gun, U.N. Under-Secretary-General Joseph Verner Reed, a veteran Lockheed Martin intelligence analyst, FBI agents and an Army supervisor stationed in Afghanistan are all among Guccifer's victims.

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