02/15/2013 05:45 am ET Updated Feb 15, 2013

'Scandal': Fitz And Olivia Have Angry Sex In A Closet (VIDEO)

Right after dropping the bombshell that Fitz learned the truth about Defiance -- and then killed Verna before she could leak it to the press -- "Scandal" took a ten-month leap forward. Fitz was freezing everyone out and running the country on his own. He was also miserable and had taken to drinking in the shower first thing in the morning.

In other words, he having trouble dealing with the fact that the people he trusted tried to steal the election for him.

But Fitz and Olivia reconnected at Cyrus' daughter's Christening. It was awkward during the ceremony, but took a turn when Fitz followed her as she was leaving.

He pulled her into a closet and the two proceeded to have some angry, emotionally-complicated sex. It was clearly a moment of physical weakness, and perhaps Fitz was hoping he'd feel something. But both felt that it was a mistake. As for Defiance, Fitz told Olivia he saw that as a betrayal.

The political side of the story drew David Rosen back in. Now, he's disgraced and working as a teacher. But suddenly he was set up for the murder of a woman who used her feminine wiles to gather state secrets. Who's behind the setup and what their ultimate goal is remains to be seen.

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