02/15/2013 12:55 pm ET Updated Feb 15, 2013

Sharissa Turk, 'Blue Fairy' Of Staten Island, Arrested In Sweeping NYPD Raids (VIDEO)

A young Staten Island woman, who played a blue fairy in a music video by rap group White Trash Clan (see below), is singing the blues after she was arrested for allegedly selling prescription drugs to an undercover police officer.

The New York Police Department said Sharissa Turk, 22, sold Oxycodone to an officer on three separate occasions. She now faces charges of criminal sale of a controlled substance.

Her arrest was among 32 made this week in sweeping raids of 12 locations by the NYPD. According to police, prescription and illegal drugs, several firearms and $17,000 cash were seized in the action. Suspects in the case are between 18 and 54 years old.

Turk was arrested at her day job at a Staten Island location of Edible Arrangements, according to police.

The music video for "My World Is Blue" was uploaded to YouTube in July 2012 and had been viewed more than 11,000 times at time of writing.

Although DNAInfo accused the video of "glamorizing prescription drug abuse," the video does carry a statement to the contrary, and ends -- fittingly enough -- with two men dressed as NYPD arresting two protagonists, who then wake up in a dumpster.

ABC News reported the following:

Someone using the YouTube account from which the video was first posted responded to the critics. "Yo... we did this video to raise awareness of a serious problem on Staten Island. I ain't touched one of those pills in years. Peace."

It is unclear whether Turk was involved in selling prescription drugs at the time the video was made. However, given the charges now against her, the young woman's role as the blue fairy gives the impression of pointing to something beyond mere fun or social commentary.

As for the song itself? Well, it's not the Wu Tang Clan, but it's not bad, either.



Sharissa Turk Blue Fairy Arrested