02/15/2013 07:39 am ET Updated Feb 15, 2013

'The Vampire Diaries': Jeremy Pays The Ultimate Sacrifice For The Cure (VIDEO)

It was a shocking finale on "The Vampire Diaries" this week as the gang got closer and closer to the cure. The also discovered, with a little help from Klaus, that there is actually only one cure for vampirism. This broke up the little happy club as Rebekah wanted it for herself, while Stefan seemed still determined to cure Elena.

Jeremy and Bonnie were first on the scene, which turned out to be the fossilized husk of the vampire Silas. Unfortunately, the cure was in his hands, and the only way to free it was to wake him. While they were trying to figure out what to do, Elena showed up. Only it wasn't Elena.

That's right. Katherine is back, and she had no problem using Jeremy to wake Silas. She cut his wrist and then bit open his neck, letting the blood pour down Silas' throat. Silas then started to come to, and the first thing he did was snap Jeremy's back.

Could this be the end of Elena's last living tie to humanity, as pointed out by Zap2It? Possibly not. TV Fanatic reminded us that dead often doesn't mean dead on "The Vampire Diaries." Jeremy could be back and ready to go as soon as next week.

Tune in to find out Jeremy's fate on "The Vampire Diaries," Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.

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