02/15/2013 07:40 am ET Updated Feb 15, 2013

'Two And A Half Men': Walden Reconnects With Kate, Alan Suffers Manscaping Mishap (VIDEO)

It was Valentine's Day on "Two and a Half Men," and for once Alan was trying to do right by Lindsey. He booked them a romantic night in a hotel with dinner and a couples massage. So, of course, it all went wrong. And it went wrong because Alan decided to do some manscaping.

Unfortunately, there was a mishap with a razor and he wound up bleeding profusely instead. So they spent Valentine's Day in the emergency room instead of in a hotel room. But don't think stitches on his junk are going to keep Alan from trying to score.

Walden, meanwhile, reconnected with Kate. She was the one he was with when he was pretending to be poor. Thanks to his investment, she was now a big-time designer who was traveling the world. She told him she had a new investor and paid him back, but wound up sleeping with him anyway.

At the end of the episode, it was revealed that her new investor and partner was Rose. Yes, crazy stalker Rose who just never seems to go away. Something tells us we're not done with this storyline yet.

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