02/17/2013 10:13 am ET

Michael Jordan World Photos: On MJ's 50th Birthday, A Look Back At His Greatest International Moments

It's hard to believe that Michael Jordan turns 50 today, and if that makes you feel old -- well, you're not alone. It seems like just yesterday he was hoisting his sixth NBA championship trophy above his head and teaching Gatorade drinkers to be Like Mike.

And while MJ's contributions to the game of basketball and American culture cannot be overstated, we mustn't forget how much of a global icon Jordan continues to be. Even North Korea couldn't escape his influence: the late Kim Jong Il is reported to have owned a video library containing almost every one of MJ's games, while the diminutive dictator once received an NBA ball autographed by His Airness himself as a gift from Madeleine Albright.

From golfing with Bill Clinton in the Bahamas to partying with Prince Albert in Monaco, Jordan's first 50 years have been filled with international fame and triumph. Check out some of his best jetsetting moments below:

Michael Jordan: Jetsetter