02/17/2013 12:06 pm ET

Animal Photos Of The Week: Gorillas, Flamingos, Lions And More Pictures

This week was filled with amazing stories from the animal kingdom. National Geographic captured these rare images of a pygmy chameleon, the underwater birth of a killer whale was filmed at SeaWorld, and new projects in zoos across the country are pairing up dogs with cheetahs in an effort to help the big cats overcome breeding fears.

Meanwhile, a number of fascinating discoveries also took place. A new study found that gelada baboons cheat on their spouses... and try to hide it! A rare species of whistling owl, called the Rinjani Scops, was discovered in Indonesia. And just like some of their human counterparts, scientists found that guppy fish may actually try to hang around their uglier "buddies" in order to seem more attractive.

For more animal entertainment, listen to this recording of the sounds that ants make. Check out these photos of a woman who kisses lions (as part of her job!), and don’t forget this amazing sloth on a boat video mashup.

Find some of the week's best animal photos below:

Awesome Animal Photos Of 2013