02/17/2013 01:25 pm ET

Bob Schieffer Blasts Washington's 'Ineptitude' Over Sequester Cuts (VIDEO)

On Sunday, Bob Schieffer blamed "Washington ineptitude" for the deep sequester cuts scheduled to take effect on March 1.

The Budget Control Act tasked stipulated Congress with finding up to $1.5 trillion in savings. Its failure to do so would trigger "sequestration," or automatic cuts of $1.2 trillion from defense and other programs on March 1. Democrats in the House and the Senate have recently introduced bills to replace ten months of sequestration cuts.

Otherwise, millions of dollars in cuts will be made to airport security, the FBI, border patrol, hurricane relief and more — "all of which would probably cause a recession," Schieffer lamented on Sunday. He blasted lawmakers' "blundering effort" and called the cuts "Washington's own doing" in a monologue on "Face the Nation."

"The idea was that no sane person would allow such cuts to happen," Schieffer said. "Well, guess what: even Washington managed to underestimate its own ineptitude. The sequester and the draconian cuts are about to happen, because the White House and Congress can't close the partisan divide and figure out what to do with them, which is disheartening to say the least."



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