02/18/2013 04:15 am ET Updated Feb 18, 2013

'Happy Day's Mini-Reunion When Ted McGinley Guests On Scott Baio's 'See Dad Run' (VIDEO)

Scott Baio has been enjoying his return to television on the original Nick@Nite series "See Dad Run." In it, he plays David Hobbs, a television star, who steps away from the spotlight to be a stay-at-home dad. On the latest episode, the producers staged a mini-"Happy Days" reunion when they cast Ted McGinley as an old acting rival. McGinley played Roger on the seminal sitcom while Baio played Chachi -- and even got a short-lived spin-off with the character.

Now, the two are both fathers and their kids are competing against each other for student class president. As expected, this brings up their old rivalry, and the two find themselves quickly stoking their own competitive fires again.

"On ‘Ted Plus 10,’ I raised 10 TV kids, while you raised two," Ted said.

"Your next show should be ‘Calf-Biter: The Ted McGinley’ story. Or, wait a minute, how about, ‘Ted McGinley: Owner of a Freakishly Small Head,’ which I’m now crushing," David countered.

TV Guide gave a big thumbs up to the fun guest appearance, hoping that McGinley only becomes the first of many "Happy Days" stars who drop by to hang out with their old castmate.

Tune in to "See Dad Run" every Sunday at 7:30 p.m. EST on Nick@Nite.

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