02/18/2013 06:19 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Maryland Among The Most At Risk From Sequestration Cuts

Maryland is one of the states most "vulnerable" to sequestration cuts, given its dependence on federal spending, Wells Fargo said Monday.

The financial services company's report, which underscores earlier warnings from economists, says non-defense spending makes up 10 percent of Maryland's gross domestic product -- tied with Virginia and D.C. for the biggest share nationwide.

Defense spending is nearly as large, at 9.8 percent, ranking the state third -- and again tied with Virginia and D.C. -- behind Hawaii and Alaska.

"The District of Columbia along with its neighboring suburbs in Northern Virginia and suburban Maryland are particularly vulnerable due to the multitude of defense agencies and contractors located in the region," wrote Mark Vitner and Michael A. Brown, economists at Wells Fargo.

Sequestration is a set of across-the-board federal spending cuts scheduled to start March 1, unless Congress can agree on an alternative. The Wells Fargo economists said it looks "more and more likely" that the cuts will kick in.


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