02/18/2013 12:37 pm ET

'The Amazing Race' 22 Premiere: The Betrayals Begin (VIDEO)

“The Amazing Race 22” kicked off Sunday night, and it only took one plane trip to give birth to the season’s first alliance.

Whoever won the first leg of the race got an Express Pass for themselves, but also an express pass to give away to another team. Twins Idries and Jamil pitched an idea for an alliance with Jessica and John, a couple from L.A. “So what we’re thinking, basically, whoever comes in second, the first just gives it to them automatically," they suggested.

But when Jessica and John won, they weren’t too keen on keeping their word. “Although we want to stay true to our word, but at the same time, we want to play the game smart. We don’t want to just hand over advantages to other teams,” John said.

"We agreed to give up the second pass, but not immediately," he continued. Ah, semantics. If you thought their betrayal was inevitable, you are a savvy viewer. Honor is boring.

Hitfix thought the express pass deal was not an ideal situation for the show’s producers, destroying an element of drama, but also noted, “What apparently might save the gambit are vagaries in pact verbiage.”

Facebook fans were overjoyed to finally have the show back on air, and more than excited to pick which team they found to be the most irritating.

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