02/18/2013 04:20 am ET Updated Feb 18, 2013

'The Walking Dead': The War With Woodbury Begins, The Governor Attacks The Prison (VIDEO)

While the Governor may have told Andrea that there would be no retaliation for what Rick and the gang did when they helped facilitiate the escape of Daryl and Merle, did anyone really believe it? On "The Walking Dead," he played up his reasonable side when talking to Andrea -- even saying he should step down and put her in power temporarily -- while working several angles of his own.

He sent Milton to keep an eye on Andrea, saying he didn't trust her, and then he gathered his own forces. Out of nowhere, while Carol and Axel were talking in the yard, Axel got gunned down. With that shot, the assualt on the prison had begun. To say Rick and his band of survivors weren't yet prepared for that kind of frontal assault would be an understatement. They were scattered, disorganized and still reeling from Rick's struggles with reality.

The Governor's most devastating move came when a delivery truck smashed through both layers of gates at the front of the prison. Suddenly, the yard was exposed to the outside world. Even worse, he made a Trojan Horse out of the delivery truck, loading it up with zombies which were unleashed into the yard directly.

As an initial attack, it proved incredibly devastating to the prison. It's role as a safe haven has effectively been destroyed. The group may have no choice but to join forces with Tyreese now and hope they can survive the war with Woodbury that they knew was coming.

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