02/19/2013 07:42 am ET Updated Feb 19, 2013

'Dallas': Ann Faces Trial For The Attempted Murder Of Harris Ryland (VIDEO)

The trial of the century came -- and went -- on "Dallas." There was hardly any time to wonder if Ann would be cleared of attempted murder before the verdict came in. Her chances of reconciling with her daughter just keep getting dimmer and dimmer.

Ann tried to get the jury to see things her way by getting on the witness stand herself, but one thing she couldn't deny was that she had walked away from her daughter when she was only 18 months old at a fair. Ann could talk all she wanted about being psychologically abused by Harris Ryland and his mother, but it turned out she wasn't the only one.

When Ann's daughter took to the stand, she towed the family line and promptly threw Ann's character under the bus. As it stood, it looked like a slam-dunk case against her. And that's exactly how it played out.

Things are moving fast on the new "Dallas," and TV Fanatic applauded the show for starting and ending this trial all in one episode. At this rate, who knows where things will go next.

The final episodes of Larry Hagman's J.R. on "Dallas" continue every Monday at 9 p.m. EST on TNT.

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