02/19/2013 06:02 pm ET

Elizabeth Colbert Busch Once Donated To Mark Sanford

Former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford (R) received a donation during his 2001 campaign from Elizabeth Colbert Busch, a potential competitor in the special election for Sen. Tim Scott's (R-S.C.) former House seat, Politico reported on Tuesday.

Colbert Busch made the donation in support of her former employer, Orient Overseas Container Line, which also made a donation to Sanford's campaign in 2001, the Democrat's spokeswoman told Politico.

Colbert Busch, sister of comedian Stephen Colbert, announced her run for Congress in January, after Scott was appointed to fill the seat of former Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.). Her brother will host a fundraiser for her later this week and has voiced his support, but said he does not want his fame to be the focus.

"I want people to know this is her own thing," Colbert told The Associated Press. "It's not me doing anything."

Sanford, whose career took a turn four years ago after he confessed to having an extramarital affair with an Argentine woman, announced in January that he intended to make a bid for his former seat.

In an interview on NBC's "Today Show," Sanford said that he "absolutely failed" in his personal life during his time as governor, but he asserted that he "didn't ever fail" with taxpayers.



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