02/19/2013 03:33 pm ET Updated Feb 20, 2013

Jodi Arias Testifies About Sexting With Murder Victim Travis Alexander

Jodi Arias began her seventh day on the witness stand testifying about text messages -- one of them highly sexual -- sent to and from her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander, prior to his 2008 murder.

Defense attorney Kirk Nurmi has been leading his client through a line of questioning to prove to the jury that his client was the victim of an emotionally abusive, controlling boyfriend who subjected her to his every whim.

Setting the tone for the rest of the morning's testimony, Nurmi admitted into evidence an explicit text exchange from Feb. 25, 2008, that referenced Alexander's preferences with regard to Arias' intimate grooming habits.

Another text message exchange took place on March 30, 2008, during which Alexander told Arias he did not want to get another text message from her unless she gave him an apology for exposing him to all the drama in her life.

Arias said she felt intimidated by Alexander and apologized because she wanted the fight to end.

The 32-year-old photographer is accused of brutally murdering Alexander in his Mesa, Ariz., apartment on June 4, 2008. Arias has admitted killing Alexander, but claims she did so in self-defense. Prosecutors contend Arias was a jealous ex-girlfriend who shot Alexander, stabbed him 27 times and cut his throat from ear to ear.

Another text conversation that was examined in court took place in April 2008, after Arias moved from Arizona to California to, according to Arias, escape Alexander's alleged abuse. During that conversation, Alexander told Arias to not contact him and warned her that things could get "real bad for her."

"Bitter feelings brewing in me towards you," Alexander wrote in an April 2008 text message to Arias. "I'm sick of having days ruined by you. If it keeps up, I fear I'll have a genuine dislike for you. I'm asking you before it gets to that, to stop doing it, before I start seeking revenge."

Another April 2008 text message exchange revolved around a request by Alexander that Arias send him photos she had taken of his dog, Napoleon, for a Facebook page he wanted make.

"He was trying to start a Facebook page for his dog," said Arias. "And I took pictures of Napoleon, and he wanted those pictures so he could have pictures on the Facebook page."

Arias testified Alexander got angry when she told him she was busy with work and could not send the photos to him at that time.

"Sounds like a clever story for not doing it ... Just forget it. I know how you operate," Alexander texted Arias.

Arias said Alexander later apologized for getting mad and complimented her.

"You are one of the prettiest girls on the planet," Alexander texted Arias.

Another text message exchange involved Alexander's texts about Arias going on a date with another man. Alexander told Arias she should have a sexual encounter with the man in the woods.

"Why don't you have him come f*** you in the woods," Alexander wrote.

Arias said Alexander later apologized.

"I'm sorry ... I love you," Alexander texted.

Shortly thereafter, court was recessed for lunch. Arias will resume her testimony at 3:30 p.m. ET.

If convicted, Arias faces the death penalty.

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