02/19/2013 04:55 pm ET

'Toy Story 4' Not Happening Yet Despite Rumors


"Toy Story 4" is not happening, this despite reports to the contrary stemming from a tweet by a Columbian radio executive.

According to BuzzFeed, Pixar -- the Disney-owned studio behind the first three "Toy Story" films -- has stated that nothing is happening with "Toy Story 4" at the moment. Pixar has a full slate of films coming up, including this year's "Monsters University" (a "Monsters Inc." prequel), 2014's "The Good Dinosaur," 2015's "Inside Out" and even a planned sequel to "Finding Nemo" in 2016. The studio typically spends a few years making its films, as the animation process takes longer than shooting live-action.

"We don't get anything for free," Mark Andrews, who directed the Pixar film "Brave," told HuffPost Entertainment earlier this year. "You have to build every pixel in the frame. Think of the million questions that a director gets in live-action; I get hundred of thousands times more questions because stuff doesn't exist. You can get five different tables and bring them into the director and the director goes, 'That one.' They ask me what kind of table I want and I'm like, 'Umm, why don't you draw me up something?'"

This isn't the first time rumors about "Toy Story 4" have circulated. Star Tom Hanks started a wave of speculation back in 2011 when he told BBC radio that a fourth "Toy Story" film was already in development. That hasn't materialized just yet, but Pixar did release a "Toy Story" short film with the re-release of "Finding Nemo" last fall.

For more on "Toy Story 4," head over to BuzzFeed.

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