02/20/2013 06:39 pm ET

Baseball Game Turns Into Huge Snowball Fight After Gardner-Webb vs. Dayton Weather Delay (VIDEO)

There may be no worse group to engage in a snowball fight than two dugouts-worth of bored baseball players.

However, should you ever find yourself in their crossfire, as YouTube user "gaffneyfan01" nearly did during a weather-delayed game on Feb. 16, keep your camera rolling -- and steer clear of the pitchers.

Footage of the game -- which was intended to pit Gardner-Webb and Dayton against one another in Boiling Springs, N.C. -- opens with both teams idly standing near the stadium's infield, a fresh coat of snow blanketing the ground.

One player throws a wayward snowball at the opposing team, a gesture that is quickly returned in kind. Soon, both teams charge, hurling snowballs at one another and -- if nothing else -- keeping their throwing arms nice and warm.

According to a Gardner-Webb release, the game stalled at the top of the sixth inning. After temperatures dropped into the low 20s overnight, poor field conditions ultimately led to the cancellation of the game, which had been pushed to the next day.

Watch the snowball fight in the video above. For more of the fight skip to the 6-minute mark in the clip below:



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