02/20/2013 06:27 pm ET

Dating After Divorce: How To Make First Dates Less Stressful

You did it! You went and lined up your first date after divorce and you have to admit, you're feeling pretty proud of yourself.

But not long after, self-doubt creeps in and you're hit with a barrage of pesky pre-date questions: Is flannel still in style? What if you and your date have nothing in common? How do you pronounce quinoa? Should you refrain from talking about your divorce altogether or are some post-split topics fair game?

To help you prepare for your first date, we've compiled a handy guide featuring eight of our best blogs on post-divorce dating. From what to wear, to advice on sex on the first date, click through the slideshow below to read our experts' tips, then share your best dating advice in the comments!

How To Make First Dates Less Stressful

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