02/20/2013 12:06 pm ET

Jose Canseco's Gravity Tweets Lambasted By Bill Nye & On Twitter

Jose Canseco has a theory about gravity. The former big leaguer took to Twitter on Feb. 18 to explain his idea that the fundamental force was weaker in the age of the dinosaurs because...well, just click through the tweets below to see his reasoning.

Canseco has been called the "World's Best Twitter User" and boasts nearly half a million followers on the social network. Although he has voiced other outlandish theories -- tweeting recently that "No way was that a meteor in russia today" (sic) -- this may be his first foray into theoretical physics.

Needless to say, the former slugger's hypothesis that reduced gravity levels during prehistoric times allowed dinosaurs' "bigness" to "dominate" is spurious. Bill Nye, Science Guy and CEO of The Planetary Society, told HuffPost via email:

His nickname in Major League Baseball was "The Chemist," because he was so knowledgeable in the chemistry of performance enhancing drugs and making musculature go big. Reading his recent tweets about the remarkable size of the ancient dinosaurs ... it doesn't sound (read) as though he's especially fluent in physics. This fills me with either joy or dismay depending on what social media messages he provides us with next. Either he's in on the joke and is just throwing us all a curve ball with plenty of break, or we as a society have failed him completely with regard to the fundamentals of planetary science.

What's the real reason there aren't any giant dinos around these days? Recent research has provided more evidence than ever that the age of the dinosaurs ended with a colossal asteroid impact. Sorry, Canseco: this one's a strikeout.

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