02/20/2013 11:47 am ET

Michael Upchurch, Indiana Garbage Man, Rescues 6-Week-Old Puppy Tossed In Trash Can (VIDEO)

A puppy named Garby is safe at home after an Indiana trash collector rescued it from a garbage can.

Last week, Michael Upchurch was on the back of a garbage truck on his usual route in Muncie, Ind., when he noticed something deeply unsettling. According to Fox 59, he saw a brown head move inside a blue recycling bag, and heard whining noises.

"It was a terrible sound," Upchurch told the station. "This ole' doggy here hollering, 'Save me.' I guess in doggy talk."

Shocked, Upchurch opened the bag and found a 6-week-old puppy looking nearly frozen. The two of them moved to the cab of the truck to sit in front of the heat, then went to the sanitation facility to give the puppy a warm bath and blanket, the Muncie Star Press reported.

As soon as the puppy healed fully, which took about a day at an animal shelter, Upchurch and his wife adopted it. Fittingly, they renamed it Garby.

Phil Peckinpaugh, director of the Muncie Animal Shelter, spoke to the woman accused of throwing Garby away. He told Fox 59 she thought it was dead.

"Its blood sugar was so low that it had caused it to maybe pass out," Peckinpaugh said. "She had the idea that the dog passed away because it wasn't moving."

According to Sgt. Mike Engle, police are investigating the case. The woman reportedly got rid of two other dogs for the same reason.

Meanwhile, more people around town are noticing Upchurch and his crew, the Star Press reported.

"From fellow dog lovers.... Thank you Muncie Sanitation and Mike Upchurch! You are appreciated!!" read a note taped to a green trash receptacle.



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