02/20/2013 06:46 pm ET

Wedding Dance: Senior Couples Dance To Their Wedding Songs (VIDEO)

There's probably no song that means more to a couple than their "first dance" song from their wedding, and in a unique new video, four couples adorably honor their own special tunes.

Two days before Valentine's Day, music video organization Collective Cadenza (CDZA) posted a video to YouTube of four couples from New York City's Brookdale Senior Living retirement home dancing to their first dance wedding songs. The couples, who have been married between one and 70 years, also share how they met and what married life has been like. Watch the oh-so-sweet video above.

CDZA co-founder Joe Sabia told HuffPost Weddings that he and his team wanted to do a personal, non-traditional video in honor of Valentine's Day, and thought having the couples dance to their "first dance" songs would act as a sort of "time warp" to their wedding day. After recruiting interested couples at Brookdale, CDZA set up a dance floor and band in the building's ballroom and brought in featured singer Britney Coleman to perform the songs.

After being interviewed, the couples immediately took to the stage and danced to their songs -- "I'm Glad There Is You," "My Funny Valentine," "Let There Be Love," and "September Song."

"Each couple has a specific reason why the song was picked, and what it means to them as a symbol of the love for each other. It served as a soundtrack to the beginning of their romance, almost like a soundtrack to their youth," Sabia said. "So while watching them dance, we couldn't help but envision them a half century ago."

One couple, Kenneth Leedom and Peter Cott, revealed in the video that though they had only been married since 2010, they had been together for 57 years. Their song? "My Funny Valentine."

"What about that song? It's us," Cott says in the video. "We were very lucky, I guess, that we've had such a great life together."

Watch more memorable wedding dance videos in the slideshow below.

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