02/20/2013 11:14 am ET Updated Feb 20, 2013

Why Don't Women Say ‘I'm Pretty?' Here Are Ten Reasons.

If you are alive and female, you are all too aware of your own prettiness factor. And how could you not be? We spend our lives being told exactly where we rank by one person or another, not to mention offered an ideal example constantly, and sometimes (if you've ever walked through a shopping district) at literally every turn we take. But what are our alternatives? It's all too easy to say that women's obsession with prettiness is, ultimately, a fool's errand, not to mention the small fortune we spend chasing an ideal unreachable for most. Fighting the beauty industrial complex and going rogue, while certainly admirable, is unrealistic (not to mention easier said than done). Women may never stop thinking about their prettiness on the Great Big Scale — duh, does a bear apply mascara in the woods? — but it may be far less emotionally driven (or depressing) than we might assume. In fact, many women approach their own looks with an economist's appraisal more than a spiritual embrace. And in a world where our looks are used irrevocably for or against us either way, why not?

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