02/21/2013 05:11 am ET Updated Feb 21, 2013

'Arrow': Colton Haynes, Former 'Teen Wolf' Star, Debuts As Roy Harper (VIDEO)

After Colton Haynes made an unexpected departure from MTV's hit "Teen Wolf" series, fans were wondering where he'd show up next. It looks like he's traded one hit for another. And if his character's name is any indication, he'll be sticking around "Arrow" for a while. This week, Haynes premiered as Roy Harper, and promptly stole Thea's purse.

She did some investigative legwork to track him down -- relying on companies that were unrealistically free with their customer information -- and got him brought in to the police station. As defiant as he is in the comics, Roy didn't deny what he'd done. Instead, he told a sad story about his mother being hooked on Vertigo.

The story worked; Thea didn't press charges. But she did track him down at his home to ask for the purse back. The two had an awkward, confrontational exchange at his doorstep. He called her out for being a spoiled, rich brat, and she insisted there are more layers to her than that.

In the DC comic book universe, Roy Harper becomes Green Arrow's sidekick, Speedy. Does the same fate await him in "Arrow"? Keep watching on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on The CW to find out.

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