02/21/2013 09:37 am ET

'Morning Joe' Uncensored: Mort Zuckerman Says There's No 'Bullsh-t' About Chris Christie

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Guest Mort Zuckerman, the publisher of the New York Daily News, let the word "bullsh-t" slip while praising New Jersey governor Chris Christie on Thursday's "Morning Joe."

Co-host Joe Scarborough was singing Christie's praises on the air, one day after doing so in his Politico column. "He’s standing up to big union bosses," Scarborough said. "He’s reforming education. He’s cutting spending. He’s going in. And he’s going after a retirement system in a way that could save Medicare and Social Security for Republicans in Washington who are conservative enough to do it there, too.

"What he brings to the table which is really quite unique, it's a level of authenticity," Zuckerman agreed. "There's no bullsh-t about him, if I may say so."

"Well, you just did!" Scarborough remarked, as the other panelists laughed. "Good morning, America!"

"I don't think they're gonna seven-second delay that," Scarborough said later after Zuckerman wrapped up his argument. "That's no big deal."



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