02/21/2013 06:50 pm ET

Family Grants Grandmother Dorothy Ellis Her Final Wish: To Fly Over Kansas Home (VIDEO)

It looks like Dorothy finally got to fly over the rainbow.

In an incredibly touching video, a family grants 92-year-old grandmother Dorothy Ellis her final wish: to fly over her Kansas home in a motorized parachute.

Posted on Youtube Thursday, Holly Ellis explained in the video's description that her grandmother revealed her wish to family members about six weeks before her death.

"It shocked the hell out of all of us," Ellis told The Huffington Post of the sudden request. She also recalled that her grandmother said, "I figured I'm going one way or another by now."

To fulfill the request, Ellis' mother and Dorothy's hospice nurse arranged for a pilot to fly Dorothy over the family's ranch house in Iola, a small town in southeastern Kansas. Though Ellis could not be there at the time, her uncle Tom captured footage of his mother flying over the sunny Kansas fields in a rainbow-colored parachute on Sept. 18.

Ellis, who works as a production manager at CafeMom Studios, edited the footage of Dorothy flying over the sunny Kansas fields this week, setting the video to Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole's poignant rendition of "Over the Rainbow."

"When you have a grandma named Dororthy from Kansas, it's kind of an obvious choice," Ellis explained to HuffPost.

Although Ellis said Dorothy was feeling better after the parachute ride, the 92-year-old passed away less than two months later, on Nov. 2.

"She would have no idea what it means that people are watching her on Youtube. But she loved her town and she loved her home and she wanted to see her house from above," Ellis said to HuffPost. "I'd like to think that this is what she was thinking about when she finally went to sleep."

Watch the video for yourself above, but be ready -- this one is a tearjerker.

(h/t Reddit)