02/21/2013 11:58 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Evelyn Lozada, Reality TV Star, Debuts Clothing Line 'Vida Luxe' At London Fashion Week (PHOTO)

Question: What's worse than a tacky celebrity clothing line?
Answer: A tacky reality TV star clothing line.

Well, let's hope for the best and prepare for the worst as Evelyn Lozada, one of the hot-headed cast members from VH1's "Basketball Wives," launches a new line of threads called "Vida Luxe" during London Fashion Week. That's right -- London, England. We're just as confused as you are, but Evelyn has an explanation.

"I wanted to do something big, and I thought that launching this overseas would have a great affect [sic] on the line. I figured ‘go big or go home!'" she told Celebuzz.

(Technically the unveiling happened a day after the conclusion of London's Fashion Week -- but who's keeping track? She certainly isn't.)

And to be fair, we don't know if the collection is entirely tacky. All we have to go off is a few sketches and Evelyn's personal style, which consists of too-tight, too-embellished, too-over-the-top ensembles (Exhibit A and Exhibit B).

But if you ask Evelyn -- who feted the milestone with her reality TV besties Shaunie O’Neil, Suzie Ketcham and Tasha Marbury -- the line sounds far more refined.

"It’s very feminine and flowy and will fit all body types. It’s just so much fun. Lots of colors and patterns," Evelyn explained to Celebuzz.

No official photos have been released of the presentation so the jury is still out. But check out this sketch Evelyn tweeted of one of the designs.

evelyn lozada clothing line

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